59. 6 Lessons I Learned from My Business Partner Who Committed Suicide

Key Takeaways

  1. Be there for others during their hard times. This can build much more loyalty than helping when times are good.
  2. Use the front page rule for ethics, and don’t do anything we would not want on the front page of the newspaper.
  3. You can’t do good business with bad people. Choose honest, ethical, good people as your business associates.
  4. Don’t drive a tank over our footbridge. When the pressure on our bridges feels too great we need to immediately reduce that pressure.
  5. When people are having mental health issues, don’t judge, just love.
  6. If someone has committed suicide don’t assume they are going to hell. We don’t know that. God is far more loving, merciful, and forgiving than we can imagine. And, by saying that, we can cause a lot of needless hurts.
  7. When people are dealing with suicidal thoughts, in addition to helping them get professional help, I believe we should try to help them create more positive and healthy connections.

Do you struggle with suicidal thoughts?



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