Finishing Season 1: What’s Next?


Over the last few episodes, we’ve talked about the lessons that we’ve learned from a year of publishing a show every day. Yesterday, I talked about our plan going forward and how we’re going to apply those lessons learned from the first year into our second year. We are also planning to take a break from publishing the show as we develop and launch some products.

In today’s episode, I’m excited to announce our first product that will be launched here within the next week or two: the Marketing Megatrends Challenge course.

Key Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways from this episode:

  1. The Marketing MegaTrends Challenge teaches you 22 of the most important trends of 2022 so you can leverage them in your businesses and beat your competitors.

Tectonic Shifts

I have been building digital ventures for decades and I’ve been blessed to build and sell three digital ventures. I’ve also done consulting work for a lot of different companies over the years and we’ve been blessed with some really fun success stories.

A few years ago, I sat down and I tried to figure out what the commonality was with the home runs that we’ve hit over the years. Most times, an entrepreneur develops something that works; they develop a pattern, a model, that works and then they replicate that model over and over again. However, my home runs didn’t seem to fit that framework. It felt like each of the home runs that we we’re all doing something very different.

I sat down and tried to understand the commonalities between the home runs and, with the help of a good friend, I realized that every single home run we hit, without fail, was because we had leveraged a business tectonic shift.

There are these tectonic plates that are constantly moving and shifting, and, as they move, they can cause a lot of destruction such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. They also can cause a lot of growth. They can cause mountain formations. Business tectonic shifts are more commonly referred to as megatrends.

The Most Important Megatrends

During the Christmas break, I had COVID-19 and had to quarantine away for my family. With the extra time I had, I started trying to identify the tectonic shifts or the megatrends that are happening in the world of marketing today.

In the past, I’ve been successful helping my businesses or other companies identify and leverage those megatrends that are transforming the business landscape, but they’re constantly changing. So I need to regularly study and stay up on the shifts that are currently happening. This is a topic that I’m very passionate about and I’ve spent a lot of time studying and working on.

As I studied dozens of different sources and different marketing experts who wrote articles on the top trends for 2022, I built a spreadsheet. I made a list of all those different trends and identified the ones that these experts listed most frequently. From my research and personal experience, I identified 22 of the most important trends transforming the business landscape today. Then, with my very talented team, we researched and gathered statistics on all 22 megatrends and developed a challenge course: the Marketing Megatrends Challenge.

I have created a short video course that will happen over five days that will launch near the end of February. We’re going to open up the course for enrollment here in a week or two so you can sign up and learn about the 22 megatrends of 2022 and how you can leverage them to drive growth in your business.

The Marketing Megatrends Challenge

We’re going to offer some really fun bonus content along with the video trainings. There’s going to be an executive summary for each of the 22 megatrends that’s going to come in PDF form for those people that want to consume the information faster. There’s going to be audio versions of the courses, so you can listen to it if you like to multitask and consume your education while you’re exercising or driving to work..

We’re also going to have a presentation template. You can use this presentation template to customize a marketing strategy leveraging the megatrends that are most applicable to your business. We’ve made it really easy for you to just edit an existing template quickly so you don’t have to start from scratch.

We also are going to make an assessment available that you can take to help you identify which megatrends might be most beneficial for your organization to roll out.

If you are interested in taking this five day course, I encourage you to go to and put your email address in. This way you will be notified when the course becomes available. There’ll also be additional benefits such as a live Q&A session where you’ll have a chance to ask me any questions.

This is the first little sliver about the future direction of Monetization Nation and I encourage you to come be part of it. I look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you so much for joining me for this episode. I wish you success as you leverage megatrends to drive growth for your business over the next year.

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