How to Effectively Grow an Email List

(Episode 1 of 2 with Brittany Bayley)

How to Effectively Grow a List

Here are a few strategies for growing our email list.

Focus on the Customer’s Point of View

We can grow our list by thinking about things from the customer’s perspective. We can ask questions about their perspective and what they are dealing with to attract them to our list. We can do things like low ticket offers, freebies, or other hooks to invite the ideal reader onto our list.

Paid Advertising

The same mindset will work with paid advertising, we just have to put some money behind it. We do need to be careful with trying to scale it and putting a bunch of money behind it before we’ve proven and tested it. We should test it organically to make sure it works before we start paid advertising.


Getting on other people’s shows, or Facebook Lives, or having other people talk about us on their email lists is a great way to bring in traffic. Brittany was recently in a mastermind bundle called Digital Insiders and her list grew by about 1,500 people. They all got together and were sharing each other’s audiences. “It’s a really good way to jumpstart your list and to get some fresh people onto your list and then get that ball rolling,” Brittany said.

3 Essential Email Sequences

Here are three different email sequences we should implement and how to get a start on setting them up.

Nurture Sequences

Whenever someone gives us their email address, we should start with a nurture or onboarding sequence. This is an introduction to us and our brand. It should tell our audience about who we are as an expert or coach, and it will set the foundation for the rest of our relationship with that new subscriber.

Launch Sequences

Launch sequences introduce a new product or highlight a product we already have in existence that we haven’t brought up for a while. This can be a 5–10 part email sequence saying, “Here’s what it is, here’s why I created it, here’s how it’s gonna serve you.”

Abandoned Cart Sequence

We can set up an abandoned cart sequence by having them enter their name and email address before they get to the order form. Then, if they do that but they don’t complete the purchase, an abandoned cart sequence would remind them of their cart and ask them if something went wrong on our end. It’s a great way to save some sales.

How do we set this up?

It can be overwhelming to try to figure all of this out and expensive to hire a copywriter to do it for us. Brittany offers a more affordable way to at least get a start on our email lists called Swipes That Sell. The product has templates for the core sequences and training to teach us how to infuse our stories into them so they don’t look or sound like templates. Swipes That Sell is just $37 compared to the thousands of dollars an email copywriter will charge to set this up.

Brittany’s Journey to Become an Email Marketing Expert

In college, Brittany studied journalism and wrote for the paper. She started writing more for herself, doing blogs. A woman came to her blog and told Brittany that she liked what she was writing; she asked if Brittany would ghostwrite for her. Brittany didn’t know what that was, but she accepted the job, figuring out freelancing as she went.

Narrowing Your Niche

When I asked Brittany what the biggest failure or mistake of her career was, she said it was not being specific enough in her niche. She didn’t specify what kind of emails she would be writing and for whom; she just said emails. She realized that emails for webinars and follow-up sequences for sales calls are significantly different from emails for infopreneurs.

Long-Term vs Short-Term Monetization

Brittany said one of her favorite monetization strategies for email marketing is focusing on long-term and short-term monetization. For long-term monetization, we want to have strategies such as ongoing content going out, ongoing nurturing of our list, funnels that fire a couple of weeks after someone buys, etc.

Owning Our Database

Key Takeaways

Thank you so much Brittany for sharing your stories and insights with us today. Here are some of my key takeaways from this episode:

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