How to Implement the Misogi Method to Achieve Lasting Success

(Episode 2 of 2 with Jody Miller)


Welcome back to another episode with Jody Miller, author of The MISOGI Method. In the last episode, we discussed what the misogi method is and how we can find our misogi. Today, we’re going to continue our conversation and discuss misogi implementation and key benefits.

Key Takeaways

We will cover the following key takeaways:

  1. To find our misogi, we should find a quiet place and give ourselves time to think.
  2. To accomplish our misogi we should map out our journey and be willing to do what others are not.
  3. When we complete a misogi or shift our lives, it changes us. Afterwards, we want to help more people and make a difference.

Implementing the Misogi Method

As an entrepreneur, we will likely take many big leaps in our careers. We might reorganize our entire organization, change our supply structure, adjust our employee training, reinvent our marketing strategies, and more. We might even sell our business and start a completely new one. These big leaps are what Jody calls a misogi. Instead of taking small steps, she believes we should jump right into our biggest goals. This is the misogi method.

In today’s episode, Jody gave us three tips to implementing the misogi method:

1. Give Yourself Space

“Ideally you want to get away from everyone,” Jody said. “Give yourself quiet and don’t push the process. Ideas will come to you and . . . then eventually, the right one is going to come up.”

Jody went on a three-day meditation retreat where she couldn’t talk for the duration of the trip. She had to eat her meals in silence and spend her time in constant thought. As she was quiet, ideas came to her.

We don’t need to meditate to find our misogi. We can find a quiet place elsewhere. This could mean going for a walk or simply putting our phone away. As we give ourselves time to think, ideas will come to us. We can write them down until we find our misogi.

2. Map Out Your Journey

Once we go through this process of finding our misogi, we have to map out our journey. We have to create a plan for success.

“You have to craft your message,” Jody said. “What’s my process? How am I going to do this? Who is going to be on my team? . . . Map out your journey and who is going to be on your support team. Your support team is very important.”

We should also take the time to put our goal on a timeline or a calendar. When do we want to achieve our goal? What steps can we take along the way? By mapping our journey on a calendar we can visualize the process to make sure we are working towards our goal every day.

3. Be Willing

Finally, we have to take the leap. When we’re ready for it, we have to go all in.

Kyle Korver, an NBA basketball player, carried rocks underwater to improve his breathing capacity. His trainer, Marcus Elliot, called it his misogi. “If it’s hard enough, the lesson will last,” Elliot said to Outside Magazine. Korver ended up making it into the NBA lead for three-point baskets.

We have to be willing to do the things that other people aren’t willing to do. We have to push ourselves harder than they’re going to. If we can do what others aren’t doing, we’re going to set ourselves apart.

“If you end up doing half of it, you’re so much further along. You haven’t failed. There’s no such thing as failure. If anything, you’re probably going to get [back] up and you probably are going to finish it,” Jody said.

Benefits of the Misogi Method

When we fulfil our misogi, our businesses will likely see many benefits. While it depends on what our goal was, we might see increased revenue or stronger customer loyalty.

For example, if one of your misogis is to connect more with your customers, you’ll likely see increased engagement, loyalty, and customer retention. If our misogi is to create a better employee experience, we can see benefits such as increased employee retention.

No matter what our misogi is, it will likely improve our businesses and our lives. That’s the purpose of a misogi. We set goals and take big leaps to grow and become better people. As we accomplish what we set our mind to do, we will likely feel more fulfilled and happy with our lives.

Effects of the Misogi Method

In addition to The MISOGI Method, Jody also wrote Drift to Shift. This book is about shifting our lives into a new place where we can achieve the impossible and create a new possible. This is very similar to a misogi method. As we create a misogi, we are choosing to shift our lives to achieve something nearly impossible.

In Drift to Shift, Jody tells the story of a gentleman named Andy Wirth who used to be the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort. In 2014, Andy was in a skydiving accident that lost him his arm after a bad landing. He nearly died in the vineyard he landed in, but thankfully recovered after some time in the hospital. The hospital even managed to reconstruct his arm so he has 70% use of his hand (Source:

After the accident, Andy began to change the way he ran his business. He changed it to a people-focused company. As he did this, he started to have more business and more people began coming to the slopes. Squaw Valley combined with Alpine, they built more lifts, and he completely changed the company for the better.

“He started this Weekend Warrior Program where we brought in vets and gave them free skiing, free help, free everything with their adaptive instructors. And he did this once a month,” Jody said. “He became this beloved hero and it changed his life. It changed who he was as a person.”

When we complete a misogi or shift our lives, it changes us. Afterwards, we want to help more people and make a difference. We want others to accomplish their dreams, just as we did.

“It just changes you forever and you really feel the confidence that you can do anything,” Jody said. “It’s not a conceited thing. It’s a common strength that you feel inside. But again, it’s a very outward helping feeling as well. That’s what comes out of it.”

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