The Future of Monetization Nation

Today is one of the very last episodes of season one of Monetization Nation. As you’ve heard over the last two episodes, I’ve talked about 30 different key lessons that we’ve learned from publishing every day for a year. In today’s episode, I’m going to talk to you about the application of those principles in our show and how it will affect the future of Monetization Nation.

Key Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways from this episode:

  1. We are narrowing our focus at Monetization Nation.
  2. We are rebranding our show.
  3. We’re releasing exciting new products such as courses, books, and a new season.
  4. We are shortening our episodes.
  5. We are going to try and get on more shows as a guest.

How We’re Changing Monetization Nation

Over the past few months, I’ve been wondering, how do we take what we’ve learned from our first year of publishing and improve our show for year two? After much reflection, I have come up with five different ways we are going to improve the show going forward.

1. We’re Going to Narrow Our Focus

If you remember, in the last couple of episodes, one of the points I talked about was narrowing our focus. In this first year, I believe our focus at Monetization Nation was too broad and shallow. We are focused on digital monetization which really affects almost every entrepreneur. And when you do something that tries to reach everyone, sometimes you reach no one.

In this next year, we really want to narrow our focus. We believe that if we focus on a much narrower niche, we can go a lot deeper in that niche and can reach a lot more people. I know it seems counterintuitive, but based on some of the best digital marketing minds today, I really believe that’s the direction to go.

Instead of trying to reach all entrepreneurs, our new focus for year two is going to be entrepreneurs who want to create, grow, and monetize online shows to accelerate their growth. We are only going to be interviewing people who have successful shows to be the guests on our show for year two.

2. We’re Rebranding Our Show

To reflect our new focus, we’re going to be rebranding the show. We will be giving the show a new name, we will be using a new domain name, and a new logo. So far we have designed and created all of these, but we are not quite ready to launch that publicly.

If you’d like to be notified when we rebrand, sign up for our free ebook at Once we have your email, we can notify you once our new show is launched!

3. We’re Releasing New Products

Before we start year two, we’re going to focus on developing products. I’m going to finish writing a book and launch some courses that are nearly finished. We are also working on another project that we’re not quite ready to announce yet but I’m super excited about.

We’re going to focus on product development so that when we relaunch the show, we’re not just building an audience and providing value. This time we will actually have something to sell, something that is going to provide additional value to our audience.

Developing these products is going to take some time. This is not something that can be done in one or two months. So, we’re going to pause the Monetization Nation show and stop posting daily podcasts for a while. We may post a show occasionally here and there, but mostly, we are going to take a break.

I consider this first year publishing for 365 days as season one, which we are ending. Now, we will be moving forward to get ready for season two which I am hoping to launch in August. I’m going to take time to study our new niche so I can become more of an expert on it. We’re going to take time to interview a new series of guests for the show so that we have content prepared in advance. And more importantly, before we launch the show, we’re going to have a series of new lead magnets created such as a challenge course, a book, cheat sheets, etc.

4. We’re Shortening Our Episodes and Reducing the Frequency of Publishing

The new episodes that we create will be shorter. Where our current episodes have averaged about 25 minutes, these new episodes will probably only average 10 minutes. We believe that’s a sweet spot for our target audience, especially the entrepreneurs and CEOs who are very busy and don’t have a lot of time for the longer extended episodes.

We will also likely reduce the frequency of the episodes published per week. Instead of posting every day, we will most maybe three to four times per week. Of these episodes, we will also try to run more live streams so we can leverage the algorithms that are preferencing live streams over pre-recorded episodes.

5. We’re Promoting Our Show on Other Shows

Because we will have products released, it’s going to make a lot more sense for us to be on other online shows. As we get season two rolled out, I will be reaching out to other show creators who have been on my show and I’m going to get on their shows to promote my own.

So, we have a lot going on this year. We have a lot to do between now and August so that we’re ready to launch season two this summer.

If you would like to get on my email list to be alerted when we launch the new courses, book, and new season, I invite you to go to and download my ebook. If you put your name and your email address there and download that lead magnet, you will get automatically added to my email list. From there, we can let you know when these exciting things are happening!

Thank you so much for watching, listening to and reading my episodes over the last year. A show without a great audience is nothing and I am so grateful to have gone through the journey of this past year with you. I’m also looking forward to going through the journey of our future with you as well.

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