Why Should I Build a Podcast?

(Episode 2 of 2 with Timmy Bauer)


Welcome back to another episode with Timmy Bauer, the founder of Dinosaur House, a company that helps entrepreneurs create children’s books to grow their businesses. In the last episode, we discussed Timmy’s career and why entrepreneurs should consider writing children’s books. In today’s episode, we’re going to discuss why we should create a podcast.

Key Takeaways:

We will cover the following key takeaways:

  1. While podcasts can help us grow an audience, it also has so much more power as a relationship building tool.
  2. We can serve and build relationships with influencers to grow our reach and increase our credibility.

Why Timmy Created 5 Podcasts

Timmy has created five different podcasts including, The Purpose Driven Entrepreneur. While the podcasts help him grow an audience, that growth is typically pretty slow. However, podcasting isn’t just another place to grow your audience. It is there to build relationships.

“Everybody thinks podcasting is just another channel to grow an audience and it is, but in my opinion, it has so much more power as a relationship building [tool],” Timmy said.

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Podcasting is one of the best networking tools on the planet. It helps us reach customers that we never could have if we didn’t have a podcast to invite them onto. Most people say yes when we ask them to speak on our podcast, especially if it is a topic they are very passionate about.

If we do email outreach, we will get a 5% response rate if we’re lucky. However, Timmy’s friend had an 80% response (and acceptance) rate for people to come on his podcast. A podcast or other content-based areas helps us start relationships.

Timmy continued, “The best way to take serendipity out of the equation of relationship building with the exact kind of people you want to be building a relationship with, is to ask them to create content together.”

Timmy created five podcasts so he can network with and get to know people he wouldn’t get to meet otherwise. Anytime there is a step in the business process that requires relationships, he creates a podcast. He asks himself, “What is the podcast they would say yes to being on?” Then, he creates a show revolving around his ideal customers’ interests.

Even though not many people listen to his content, it gives him a foundation to start building relationships with his customers. The podcast opens other doors as well such as speaking at events. Because he has relationships with his customers, they will sometimes invite him to speak at their school.

“I could give so many examples of people that I just really, truly have no business talking to, but they’ll say yes to being featured on a podcast,” Timmy said. “There’s a lot of different applications of the idea behind content based networking. The easiest and most successful and accessible is a podcast.”

By interviewing his ideal customers on podcasts, Timmy also gets additional insight on his products. He can ask them questions and get their feedback on what he can improve on and what he should get rid of. Not only that, but his podcast guests can also turn into customers.

Essentially to network through a podcast, we should find the target audiences of people that we’re trying to establish and nurture relationships with, and then create podcasts around those topics they are passionate about.

Credibility Marketing and Podcasts

Podcasts can also build our credibility. As we share our insights and ideas with the world, we will be seen as thought leaders and experts. By establishing our knowledge and credentials, our customers will be more likely to trust us.

Our podcasts can also help us build relationships with influencers. As we know, our customers often don’t trust what we say about ourselves, so we have to turn to more credible sources. Influencers are a group of people our customers trust. If we build relationships with them, we will have more reach and credibility with our audience.

We should serve the people that have reach and influence. When we serve them, when they become a guest on our podcast or benefit from our products, they will naturally want to serve us in return. We should be giving every day to the people we want to build relationships with with no expectation of anything in return. That’s probably the recipe for building true relationships that matter. I think in many cases, we end up receiving much more in return than we would ever expect.

Essentially, we should build a podcast because it:

  • Expands our reach and grows our audience
  • Helps us build relationships with our customers and potential customers
  • Increases our credibility
  • Allows us to build relationships with influencers
  • Helps us get feedback on our products

Connect with Timmy

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